Central Elementary Celebrated with Lively Community Event

Central Elementary School hosted a lively celebration on Wednesday, May 29th, honoring its enduring legacy that started in 1882. The event, organized in partnership by the School District and Central School staff, welcomed families, students, staff, alumni, and community members.

The festivities kicked off with an upbeat playlist, MC’d by iconic Central teacher Scott Carter. Guests were treated to cookout cheeseburgers, grilled by kitchen staff and guest griller Superintendent Froilan N. Mendoza. Soft drinks and Eagle branded cookies were enjoyed while mingling. The event featured various carnival games, cotton candy, ice cream, and face painting. The highlight installation was the "My Favorite Central Memory” wall, which showcased personal entries from students and staff.

Special guests included the City of Baldwin Park Mayor Emmanuel Estrada, a Central alumni, who made the event extra special by reconnecting with some of his former teachers. The Board of Education, elected officials, past staff and alumni, and former principals also attended the event. The celebration featured a touching ceremony where Principal Efrain Murillo shared an inspiring message to the school community. Retired teachers gave heartfelt speeches, former students expressed gratitude, and students read the history of the school which officially opened at the new location in 1952.

Adding to the festivities, students from Baldwin Park High's child development program volunteered to help run carnival games, face painting, and more. This collaboration was particularly meaningful, as the Braves have partnered with Central Elementary for over five years. Each year, BPHS students mentored elementary students, assisting with reading and classroom activities, and shadowing teachers.

The event paid a touching homage to Central Elementary School's vital role in the community, evolving from a historic schoolhouse into today's Baldwin Park Arts and Recreation Center, symbolizing the enduring legacy of our city's educational commitment.


Central_1: Central Elementary past and current staff pose for a group photo.

Central_2: Central Elementary student poses for a photo at the balloon arch.

Central_3: Central Elementary staff Alicia D'Amico poses for a photo with her son, who kindly brought flowers for staff.

Central_4: Food service workers assist in serving food at the Central Elementary celebration. 

Central_5: Central Elementary student reflects on their favorite Central Elementary memory.